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Card View for Kanban Process on iPad


Long a fan of the Kanbam methodology I welcomed card view in Smatsheet as their greatest advancement yet. The process is smooth on my Windows computer and I have become addicted to using it on all of my sheets. Now I wonder when card view will be available in the iPad app. If anyone hears anything please post here. I use other software for some minor task sheets and I would like to standardize within Smartsheet. Thanks.


  • Kennedy Stomps

    Hi Charles-- We don't currently support Card View in the Mobile app but this is something our Card View team is planning for a future release. We'll announce here in the Community when it is available!

  • I echo Charles' request above. We're going on a year since this request and no further update. Is there a planned release date for the kanban card view mobile launch?

    Great product, thanks.

  • Robin Sherwood

    Hey Jeff, 

    Thanks for the feedback. We still don't have a release date for Card View on mobile, which really just comes down to a matter of priority. From the beginning of our initial research on the Card View feature we have asked many customers explicitly about the importance mobile support and it just hasn't been that common and those who did want it said it was only "nice to have." That isn't to say we don't think it is compelling, or that we aren't planning on doing it (we still are), it is only saying that our mobile team has been working on features that are seen as a higher priority for a broader set of our users. Based on our current backlogs I suspect mobile support may be pushed to the end of the year at the earliest. Of course that can change if we start to hear from more people like yourself. So once again, thanks for letting us know!



  • dbikel

    Just to put a different view of this: not all mobile users are alike.  I use an iPad as a laptop replacement sometimes, and so not having a useful view like Card View is a major limitation.  I agree that such a view is slightly less compelling when viewing Smartsheets on a phone, but on an ipad it is highly desirable.

  • PocketStrike

    I concur with importance of Card View on Mobile.  I find I am increasingly using CardView in the main app to handle KanBan workflows, and being able to use a similar view/workflow on the iPad would be of tremendous benefit.


  • 100% agree. As Marketing Director for a corporation that is rolling this out to 7 businesses, we will have the desire amongst many of our users, many of whom have ingrained agile workflows, to have a card view on mobile. If it is a question of whether people will use it, just reference Trello as a case study. All that they have is a card view and they are wildly successful. (That being said, obviously they don't have many features that Smartsheet has.) But for us, Kanban will become increasing useful for 30% of our business. (The 20% that drives most of the decisions)

  • +1 for iOS/iPad! Currently it makes me walk around the office using my notebook instead my iPad.

  • Nick D. Benson

    Card view is what sets this software apart from others.

    Tablets are replacing laptops at a fast pace in our work group and I cannot justify continuing to recommend this product to all other departments if card view is not available on an iPad.

  • Nigel Holman

    Ditto to all the above comments about growing ubiquity of workplace tablets and usefulness of card view.

    It's time to move that feature out of Backlog and into In Process!

  • ChrisB
    ChrisB Employee

    Quick update - Card View is available in the latest release for iPhone, iPad and Android!

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