Use formula to create name of cross sheet range name in a VLOOKUP

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Hi Folks,

I have a master sheet that links to a work sheet for each row.

There is a unique ID number on each row of the master sheet

And each work sheet has a range named using that unique ID number.


SO is there a way to look up the ID number in the row, and uee that number as part of the name of the range in the vlookup


For examile assume we are on row 3

ID_COL = ID123

VLOOKUP for that row should be VLOOKUP(Variable1,{ID123_Range},2,false)

RangeNameCol3 = ID_COL3 + "_Range"

So is there a way to say =VLOOKUP(Variable1,{RangeNameCol3},2,false)?

where the actual name of the range used would be "ID123_Range"?







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