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IF statement with two criteria; not functioning

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hey all,


Trying to get a “No” to appear if the checkboxes in each column haven’t been checked off by their due date. Currently, it says no regardless of the date and it only seems to switch to "Yes" if the Client Launched column is checked off.


The two criteria are that the box is not checked off and the Launch Date is greater (or less than depending on the step) the function TODAY() + X days


This is the current formula, broken down


=IF(AND([Client Launched]1 = 0, [Launch Date]1 > TODAY()), "No",


 IF(AND([Step 7]1 = 0, [Launch Date]1 < TODAY() + 23), "No",


IF(AND([Step 6]1 = 0, [Launch Date]1 < TODAY() + 27), "No",


IF(AND([Step 5]1 = 0, [Launch Date]1 < TODAY() + 30), "No",


 IF(AND([Step 4]1 = 0, [Launch Date]1 < TODAY() + 51), "No",


 IF(AND([Step 3]1 = 0, [Launch Date]1 < TODAY() + 51), "No",


 IF(AND([Step 2]1 = 0, [Launch Date]1 < TODAY() + 60), "No",



 IF(AND([Signed Contract]1 = 0, [Launch Date]1 < TODAY() + 60), "No", "Yes"))))))))


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