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Can we make the web form text size bigger?


Dear all,


I have been using the webform quite often right now. But the problem I have been receiving from my client is about the size of the text. I have been trying to figure out how to customize it. As I use on all device mobile, Ipad and Desktop. The Ipad is the main device I am using and I have to admit that the size is really small and hard to read. If there is any setting that I have been missing please advise. 


Thanks a lot,





  • Kennedy Stomps

    Hi Sam-- We don't currently offer the ability to format Web Forms in Smartsheet. Is the Web Form embedded in a website iframe? Or are you sending users a direct link to the form?


    If you'd like more control over the formatting of the Web Form, you might consider creating the form in Google Forms, which allows for greater customization of forms, then syncing the form to Smartsheet.

  • Dear Kennedy,


    I am sending it directly from smartsheet as I am using it for customer to apply their detail and the font size is really matter to many customer. I will reconsider changing and then sync the form via Google Forms as you recommended. Thanks a lot for your advise. Will have a try whether it does help the team and the customer or not. 


    Thank you very much.


    Best wishes,



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