Index match returns a wrong value

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edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Anyone able to help with an Index/match formula that returns a wrong value?


We've a formula that is returning a wrong value. I believe the formula is correct (it's the same way I write it in .xls). We are referencing another Smartsheet in the formula.


I understand if I was getting an error (#invalid value, #No match), but here we are getting an expected result, but it is the wrong value.


Formula: =INDEX(({SPB 2019 Range 1}), MATCH([SPB #]1, {SPB 2019 Range 2}), 1)

(I've tried removing the last 1 to no difference).


If it helps:

SPB2019 Range 1:  Dropdown List

SPB#1:  Text/Number

SPB2019 Range 2: Auto-number


In this case we're getting a possible value, "completed", even though the correct value is actually "executing"


A second issue is that we're quickly running into the limit of total number of links, even though we're no where close to the advertised limit.


We've spent a whole lot of time trying to fix this.  Hopefully someone can help, because I'm apparently not smart enough.  Thanks in advance.


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