Deleting one outgoing cross-sheet reference ended in ALL references from the same sheet being delete

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I spoke to Support on the phone yesterday but we haven't had a definitive answer on what the expected behaviour for this scenario is. I'm curious to see what other users have experienced.

In the the "Edit or Remove links" > "Outbound links" section of the Cell Links: Consolidate or Maintain Consistency of Data page it specifically mentions "outbound links must be removed one at a time". We did exactly as the job aid specifies (moused over the cell, used the "Delete" button). We expected just this one cross-sheet reference, "{ALLOCATIONS project hub}" to be deleted and as such as were absolutely prepared for any formulas in the sheet linking to this column to produce errors.

Upon navigating back to said sheet it was discovered that essentially ALL formulas were producing #INVALID REF errors. Digging in we noticed that not just this one cross-sheet reference but instead ALL cross-sheet references from the same sheet were deleted - 18 in total. These were 18 unique references, each to a different column within the same sheet.

We ended up manually opening up each formula and re-linking the cross-sheet references one by one.

In others' experiences, is this the expected behaviour for deleting an outbound link? Or should it only delete the link for the cell/column/reference in question? Thanks in advance.


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