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Webforms - can they be reused?

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I have a webform that obviously ties to a sheet - let's call it Sheet A.


I'm needed to make a new sheet - Sheet B - which will replace Sheet A.  The webform for sheet A is still perfect as is but I'm wondering if there is a way to connect it to sheet B without having to change (and then have to communicate) the url?



  • Christian Wells

    Hi Kneve27,


    I did this just yesterday......


    I copied the existing sheet to a new sheet...."Save as New"  Kept all the data intact.

    Went back to the original Deleted all the information.

    Deleted my Autonumbering and put it back in...(To restart the numbering sequence)..


    1-2 minutes all done.  and the history kept.

  • Benjamin Walker

    If you drill into the Save as New form you should see the 'Forms' option. 




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