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Conditional Symbols $ to $$$$$

Christian Wells
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi All,            I went looking for the below but did not find it, so i built it.


Use the below for a 1-5 symbol column like ($-$$$$$) to conditionally set the value based on a column in your list.


=IF(Saving1 = MIN(Saving:Saving), "One", IF(Saving1 = MAX(Saving:Saving), "Five", IF(Saving1 = AVG(Saving:Saving), "Three", IF(Saving1 < AVG(Saving:Saving), "Two", IF(Saving1 > AVG(Saving:Saving), "Four", "Empty")))))


Column Titles Saving

Formula for $ Symbol Column on Row 1

Paste and Drage the formula down.


Note: It uses the AVG to set the Mid point ($$$), NOT a Excel MID like function. This average is then used to Check if Below = $$ or Above = $$$$

It will set the Lowest value to $ and the highest to $$$$$

Text which is Greater than the Average will be $$$$


Hope it helps someone out there Smile





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