Counting number of tasks per Assigned To contact

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

My task list contains parent, sub-parent, then children tasks.  The workstream leader is assigned to both the parent and sub-parent tasks, and possibly sub-tasks as well.


I need to count the number of tasks per "Assigned To" contact.  It would be ideal if parent tasks are not included in that number, but it's manageable if they are.  


I have tried this formula via an external sheet but it is coming up as unparseable: 


=SUMIF({External Workspace Name}, [Task Name]1:[Task Name]594,"", [Assigned To]1:[Assigned To]594))


The count doesn't have to be captured in a separate sheet.  A dashboard might be a better option.  However, I am not familiar with those yet.


Screenshot below to show the different tasks levels.

Count tasks by assigned to contact screenshot.png


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