Conditional Logic in Smartforms (AKA Cascading Dropdowns)

Richard Rymill SBP
Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in API & Developers

We all love a Freebie? 

OUR API development team get lots of requests for automation which is the basis of our Smarter Mini Control Center 12 Apps, but one request we have been unable to fulfill so far (unless we use Appsheet with Smartsheet) is the need for Conditional logic or Cascading Dropdowns when completing forms in Smartsheet or in the grid format. 

Good news for Chrome and Firefox users, we have created a solution to this by using a Free to download and use Extension. We are working on other Browsers like IE and Safari but not there yet and will announce it when we can. 

Go here to download the Extension you would use - scroll to the bottom of th page 

What Pain are we resolving? 

In many apps like Excel, Google Sheets or Access, Forms can be produced whereby; Form Completers choose from the initial dropdown list, then the choices for the second question change accordingly, when that question is answered the next choice is similarly filtered and so on. Then the resultant data is entered into a smartsheet for further actions to commence. 

How have we resolved this pain? 

By running our downloadable extension and then using a naming convention for the Dropdown List columns, users will be able to experience conditional logic between the columns.

see full explanation here 

Why is this solution Free?    

Because we know it is not a complete solution as it only works on machines using Chrome or Firefox so users of other browsers cannot benefit yet. So... it is free for those that can benefit. 

In the meantime we continue our research to provide this solution for everyone in an even Smarter way if we can. 

Hope that helps some community members? if you need any help?