Transfer to Enterprise License not working

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi Everyone, hoping you can help me out!


I've recently joined a new organisation and the Enterprise License approvers are in a different country/timzone from my own.  I was told to pay for an Individual License while the head office granted me a license under their Enterprise account.


I received notification last week that I had been added to the company group and had been granted a license, but my account still shows as a Individual user with all of the limitations associated with that license.


I logged a ticket that got lost in the ether (no response) so now I'm turning to this wonderful community to see if you have any ideas. Do I need to cancel my paid subscription (I'm wary of doing that in case it drops me back to an unlicensed user)? Is there something additional our SmartSheet Admin needs to do on their end? Help!