Average of project completion for current year

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I'm trying to average the "%" column based on rows that are only in quarter 1 (Quarter Identifier = 1), and have a completion date that is the current year.

I'm trying to make this sheet roll over year-after-year and am trying to stay away from specifying "2019".

The formula I have currently is:

=AVG(COLLECT([%]:[%], [Quarter Identifier]:[Quarter Identifier], =1, [Completion Date]:[Completion Date], =YEAR(TODAY())))


But it's giving me an output of "#Divide by zero" even though I have dates in quarter 1 that are the current year.

Am I using the YEAR function incorrectly?

Attached is a screenshot to hopefully better explain the sheet information.



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