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Does 365 / One Drive help the attachment process within Smartsheet?

Irene Plant
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Our Company has just installed Office 365 to all laptops. We did this for various reason:

1. We didn't want anyone saving work to their C drive and losing it if a virus struck (so everything that isn't saved to Smartsheet is saved to One Drive.

2. We wanted to ensure that all documents can be accessed from any laptop/ computer / tablet. 3. We wanted to use the Smartsheet add-on within Outlook so we can attach emails to rows without having to save them locally first.  

At the moment we have hundreds of word and excel dcouments saved as attachments to various rows in Smartsheet. Once these are opened, any changes made need to be saved locally and then re-uploaded as an attachment back into Smartsheet. Is there another way around this (as in cutting out the saving locally and re-uploading part?) We are hoping by using One Drive this will give us an easier option but I'm just not sure if there is one yet? This is our biggest hang up with Smartsheet so if we could lose the saving and re-uploading step our lives would be so much easier!

Many thanks, Irene 


  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Irene

    Try this with a sample of each document type... 

    Upload one of each type of file, Word, Excel, PPT etc to your One Drive account (outside of Smartsheet). Then from within Smartsheet go to Attachments... choose OneDrive (permission required 1st time) whoose the demo file, which will then link to the file rather than UPload it. Save it, get a colleague to log in, locate the file, make some changes to it by opening it as a link, save it and close.

    You now have one version of that file which can be constantly accessed and updated without having to Download, then Upload everytime, which, as you say is quite annoying!

    Assuming that works for you.....? 

    Download all your files from Smartsheet Via a Back up or by workspace then Save each file to the most logical place in One Drive for easy navigation to find it from Smartsheet and start Linking to your files from Smartsheet rather than Upload/ Download. 

    Hopefully that will save you a "Day a week" and make your colleagues happy? 

    If you need any help, we are based in the UK and I'm sure our Gurus can help you solve any other issues you have? We do a one hour Free initial consultation. 

    Good Luck and hope that helped? 




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