IFERROR - Help, Please

Nicole J
Nicole J ✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm currently running the below formula in a particular column, and applying the colors to the visual symbols:

=IF(Percentage19 < 0.75, "Green", IF(Percentage19 > 0.9, "Red", "Yellow"))

It works great, however I can't stand looking at the "#DIVIDE BY ZERO".  I've tried all combinations I can think of, but how can I just have a blank cell if the formula comes back with the "#DIVIDE BY ZERO".

I assume it will include adding in some sort of "if error", but I can't seem to get it.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Nicole,

    You're on the right track! You can add an IFERROR function at the beginning of your formula to return a blank cell instead of #DIVIDE BY ZERO:

    =IFERROR((Your Formula),"")

    The two quotation marks without anything in between them will tell the cell to appear as blank.