Sum up rows within the VLOOKUP formula

Hi everyone!

I have several projects in my time tracking sheet and would like to use the VLOOKUP formula to save only the times per project in a monthly cost table. For that I used the following formula:

=VLOOKUP([Project Number]12, {Sheet - Time Tracker (10-October) Range 1}, 8, false).

Unfortunately, I only got one labor cost entry (for project number 9150), although there are two more (see screenshot attached).

Does anyone know how to get the sum of the costs (sortetd by project number) through this formula? The entries are made via Web Form and so all working hours of all projects are in one table. Do I have to create an individual time tracking sheet and web form for each project? Would be awkward, doesn´t it?

Would be great if someone has an idea how I could solve this a little more elegant.



Screenshot_time tracking table.png


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