Deleted users in "assigned to" resource management sheets

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What happens to sheets that are resource management enabled and have "assigned to" columns with users that have been (subsequently) deleted from our account?

Is there a best practice on how to maintain assigned to data from deleted users for archival/reference purposes?  Will resource views still function?   Reports?


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    I should add that the users are deleted to remove their access to Smartsheet data, but we would like to retain the task assignment data for reference and reporting purposes.

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    Hopefully someone has a best practice they can share?

  • Hi Gordon,

    Only people that are a part of your account can be tracked by resource management. This means that if you remove users from your account, they will disappear from your Resource Views. (You can read about this via our Help Center, here.)

    None of the data in the source sheet will change when you do this. Their contact will still appear in the "Assigned To" column, it just won't be readable as a Resource since they are not a part of your plan. Their rows will be treated as normal rows within the sheet, as if you had not enabled Resource Management, yet any other rows with users who are a part of your plan will still be tracked.

    Normal Reports that pull data from the sheet will still function as expected, but Resource Views will not have any data on those contacts.

    One way to retain this data would be to Move Rows with old contacts over to a new sheet labeled "Archive". This sheet could be a normal sheet without Resource Management enabled, as the contacts would not appear in the Resource View anyway.

    Let me know if you would like any further clarification!



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    Thank you for the explanation.  One additional thought - what happens if we subsequently add or create a user with the same name/email?  Will the old sheet data "inherit" and match up for resource views with the newly created user?


  • Hi Gordon,

    Email addresses can only be associated with one Smartsheet account at a time.

    This means that if a user is added back to the account with the same email address, and the sheet with Resource View enabled still has that same email in the Contact column, then yes: the old data will match with that user and they will appear in the Resource View again, inheriting previously input data.

    If a user with the same name but different email is added, then the Contact column would not recognize that as the same contact, so they would not inherit any old resource information.

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