Linking Two Sheets to update dynamically When columns are added and removed.

Matt Penta
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I have two sheets that i want to be linked dynamically. EX:

Column 1:







I want to be able to have this column automatically update and be created on the second sheet when it is changed on the first. If for example, I were to add in a row between two and three with a value of 2.5, I would like this to update on Sheet 2. Currently i just have them linked in a manner that will only update that information if there was already a row in place or an empty row. It, however, will not update new rows that are added or rows that are removed for various reasons. Any idea how to set up a formula that will automatically pull all data points in this column and Create/remove rows as needed in sheet2?


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