Modified and Modified By system fields not working as expected

Alberto Valdez
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I have a sheet I use to keep track of action items. Usual stuff. 

Long story short, there were some people with action items assigned that no matter how many email requests I sent for updates, they did no get in the sheet to update them.

My approach was to create 2 columns:

- Modified: Auto/System generated field

- Aging (by days): Text/number field which I added a formula. Example: =TODAY() - [Modified (Date)]row number

When I created the columns, it worked as expected. As soon as I saved my sheet, all Modified dates and times updated to the date & time I last saved the sheet. Why???

I tried adding Modified By and it is blank too.

Do you guys made any changes to these system generated fields? Something is broken.

Please help.

Alberto Valdez


Before Saving Sheet.png

After Saving Sheet.PNG