Calculating Avg WD with Stipulations

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I'm trying to calculate the average amount of workdays it takes for someone to respond using "Date Forwarded to DPD Command #1" to "Date request is returned from DPD Command #1" while having the "Command #1" column holding that specific command. I've played with it for a while, and can't seem to get it right. I currently have:

=NETWORKDAYS(({DPD FOIA/Subpoena/Litigation Requests Range 1}, {DPD FOIA/Subpoena/Litigation Requests Range 2}, [holidays]), IF({DPD FOIA/Subpoena/Litigation Requests Range 3}, "CSS"))

Trying to get an average for the length of time it took CSS to respond. 


  • Paul Newcome
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    I'm not sure I follow exactly.


    You are trying to find the average number of days between two columns on a separate sheet for those rows where a third column is "CSS"?

  • fennerb
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    I'm trying to make a report that is pulling data from another sheet. The "Date Forwarded..." to the "Date request is returned..." are the two columns (in date form) from which I'm pulling the data. I'm trying to put it on the "Avg WD to Fulfill..." column that's respective to each department. 

    Main Snippet.png

    Avg Days D.B..png