Share sheet with everyone at your company (enterprise plan, auto provisioning)

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We have an enterprise plan with auto provisioning turned on

I would like the ability from the sheet sharing screen to invite the entire company and set their permissions (see screenshot ending 23).  When sharing a sheet, is there a way to select the "Only available to users in the owner's account" instead of specific people or groups in the sheet sharing screen?  Because auto provisioning onboards users as they click the link, we do not want to maintain a group or such. 

Having to go to seperate screens to publish the sheet to everyone adds great confusion to our user base 

This is similar to what publish a sheet does (see screenshot ending 45), but needed at the sharing screen. (IMHO sharing and publishing should be merged to one screen)







  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hello Mike,

    We do not currently have a way to share a sheet from the sharing screen to an entire organization. When you have a moment, please submit an Enhancement Request from the link on the right-hand menu to let our Product team know about your request.

    You are correct in noting that the way to manage this would be through adding users to a group. You can then have that group shared to a workspace, where all of the sheets you want shared to the organization are stored.

    To ensure that all users in your organization are added to the group, the System Admin for your organization can download a "User List" from their User Management tab and sort it by when users were added to see the most recent additions. (Users that have been added through UAP will be present in this list).