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Addding checklists to a task


Is there a way to add a checklist of items to a task.


Lets say I have a kick off meeting as a task to a project.


There are a number of things that I want to make sure we complete but I really do not want to have them be seperate tasks in the project since they are not signifcant enough to be a project task. These items are reminders that can be tagged as done or not done.


Project Kick off meeting


-Email list of attendes

-Setup confernce call number

-print name cards

-order lunch




if you are a trello user - the checklist functionality is pretty much perfect.


Thanks in advance



  • Gwyneth C
    Gwyneth C ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Michael, 


    I have a couple of ideas that may work for you. 



    Option 1: Indent the checklist items and make them subtasks of the "Project Kickoff meeting"



    Option 2: Create a checklist in a document (in Google Docs for exampe) and attach the file or link to it from the task.




    Mabye others in the community have ideas about ways to solve for this...



  • Michael O'Hara

    Thanks for the options. 


    Option 1 - is what I want to avoid - this option bloats the list of project tasks.


    Option 2 - is what we are currently doing. Works OK . but you need to drill into the document to see whats done and versioning etc. 




  • I am also very in need of this, the Trello way was perfekt for me. I imported my Trello board into Smartsheet, and I can see the checklist in Grid View, but in Card View they appear as independent cards, which are not helpful at all.

  • malomascolo
    edited 09/07/17

    I would also like to be able to add a checklist to card.


  • amoores

    Another upvote for this.  The other problem with the subtask indent (Option 1 above) is you have to assign start and end dates to get the higher level item to have a start and end date. When dates shift modifying all the subtasks isn't really feasible.  We already have a problem with our PM's abandoning sheets when dates shift too much and not keeping up with the schedule.  We maintain a separate project checklist sheet in excel but this has over 200 lines by itself and is sort of unwieldy as it is hard to keep track of what needs done when and results in a lot of last minute work right before project completion to make sure all items are checked off. We could break the 200 lines into separate linked lists (like option 2) but this would probably result in at least 30+ sheets to maintain as we are always adding to the standard project checklist. 

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