ISTEXT(@cell) when cross referencing a sheet

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I am new to cross sheet formula's and a formula that works locally on a sheet, I am trying to cross reference so that the data that I successfully found will be on another sheet. Here is the formula that I used on the local sheet

=COUNTIFS([Rep Completion Confirmation]:[Rep Completion Confirmation], "", VIN:VIN, ISTEXT(@cell))

when cross referencing I am not sure how to add the ISTEXT(@cell) portion.


Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Corey.Hokanson

    I haven't found a way to do that - Pretty sure it's not possible at the moment to perform any math or logic on a cross-referenced cell in a formula.  

    One work-around - Create a new column in the target (local) sheet, and call it "IsText" (or whatever you want). Set it as a checkbox, with the formula of "ISTEXT(VIN@Cell)". 

    Then you can go back to the COUNTIFS, and instead of calculating if it's text inside of the countifs, just countifs the isText column if it's true. Should get the same result (and you can hide the isText column so it's not in the way). 



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