Trying to do logic if first character is a number, IF(ISNUMBER(LEFT... seems to always result in FAL

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I want to do some logic based on whether an entry starts with a number.  I assumed `=IF(ISNUMBER(LEFT([Primary Column]1)), "Number", "No Number")` would have worked, but it seems to always return FALSE.  What am I missing?

(Also, does this forum not support tables or code formatting?)

| Primary Column               | Formula                                                      | Result    |


| 555 I start with a number    | IF(ISNUMBER(LEFT([Primary Column]1)), "Number", "No Number") | No Number |

| I do not start with a number | IF(ISNUMBER(LEFT([Primary Column]1)), "Number", "No Number") | No Number |

|                              |                                                              |           |

|                              |                                                              |           |


  • Genevieve P.
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    If you have a cell with both text and numbers in your primary column, it will be read as one long text string. In order to find if it starts with a number, you may need to set up a helper column to pull the first character from your Primary column and return it specifically as a Value (this Value formula will only work if it's a number, otherwise you will get an error message).

    Then in your current formula column, you could adjust your formula to reference this second, helper column to check to see if it's a number or not, adding an IFERROR formula in front to say that it's not a number and there's an error, return "No Number". 


    First example Formula, looking for the first character in the primary column:

    =VALUE(LEFT([Primary Column]@row, 1))


    Second example Formula, looking at the secondary helper column:

    =IFERROR(IF(ISNUMBER([Helper Column]@row), "Number"), "No Number")



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