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Ginny Hager
Ginny Hager ✭✭
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I have several dates per task that need alerts.  I would like to send alerts once/week until they check done.  I would also like to display the undone tasks for next 3 months on their dashboard.  Once they are done, remove tasks from dashboard.  Can you please help me with out to set this up?


Chicago, IL Lease (Task)

1 Year until Expiration Date (Alert)

2 Years until Expiration Date (Alert)

1 Year Renewal Notice Date (Alert)



  • Andrée Starå
    Andrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Ginny,

    There are a few different ways to structure a solution.

    Can you describe your process in more detail and maybe share the sheet(s) or some screenshots? (Delete/replace any confidential/sensitive information before sharing) That would make it easier to help. (share too,

    I hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic week!


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