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Workspace Tabs


I've seen a lot of requests for more functionality around the tabs feature and I have a suggestion of my own.  How about a "Workspace" tab that when clicked on offers a drop-down list of all of the sheets in the workspace?  I'm thinking the tab bar could be a mix of "Sheet" tabs and "Workspace" tabs.


Second suggestion, it would be nice if we could "bookmark" a set of tabs that could be recalled later.  Maybe the best bet is to look at the various web browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome) and integrate some of the best bookmarking features directly into Smartsheet.


I'll be honest, someone suggested using the browser's built-in bookmarking functionality but the fact that the URL on Smartsheet never changes makes this a bit of a non-starter.  I feel like most other cloud-based programs give every window a unique URL that can be bookmarked and referred back to later.


Great program.  Thanks!


P.S. If there's a better place to post suggestions let me know.


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