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Request: Formatting and Design of Web Forms


Hi, would be SO handy to have decent formatting options on a web form.

i.e. text size, colour, bold, italics centre right margin etc etc etc...

I find it hard with black/grey and a few other colours to make things stand out (such as important notes or messages)


We look forward to an improved web form



  • BMar
    edited 10/20/16

    I agree that the Smartsheet forms leave a lot to be desired.  I'd like the ability to add logic to forms as well (e.g. hide or disable fields based on previous responses).


    I'm currently testing out JotForm which does this and has more formatting options as well.  I'm going to use Zapier to add a row to my sheet when a form is submitted.  Not sure yet if it works, but I'll update here when I find out.

  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hello All—


    Thanks for the feedback, I've passed this along to our product team for further review.

  • ray

    Hello. Are text formatting options, such as bullet points, bolding, italics, hyperlinks available in smartsheet forms? I can't find this option. It seems it is possible in the community forum as I'm typing, but not in a forms linked to my smartsheets.

  • ray

    Can't believe 2.5 years since the initial request there's still no formatting options in smartsheet forms. I feel pretty close to deleting my subscription now. 

  • Ams

    Anyone know if this is in the development pipeline?

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