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Is it possible to display an image on a dashboard that is dependent upon a value in the cell of a sheet (not including the existing symbols within Smartsheet) and can change as the value changes?

I have a sheet with a variable that can have 3 possible values.  I'd like to show the value on a dashboard as an image rather than just the number.  The existing symbols do not map well to this variable, I'd like to use custom images.


  • Paul Newcome
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    HERE is a sheet I put together showing a good chunk of symbols that can be generated using the CHAR and UNICHAR functions. It is not nearly all of them, but it is definitely a decent amount.


    The CHAR functions are 1 - 255, and the UNICHAR funnctions go from 1 - 100,000.


    You could use a cell and a nested IF to generate different symbols using those functions and have that cell displayed on your dashboard using a metrics widget.


    Would something like that help?

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    The third-party service, Zapier might be an option (untested) for this scenario. Is that an option for you?

    I hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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  • Ezra
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    I had tried to use something like this:

    =INDEX({logo_column_range}, MATCH([Brand Name]1, {brand_name_range}, 0))

    to grab a .png that was in the row next to the brand's name, but it didn't work.

    I've tried vlookups and various other methods - nothing currently built into Smartsheet retrieves the image.

    Paul Newcome's idea... build some ASCII art :P

  • Has a resolution been published for this question yet? I'm trying to do the same thing ....I have 3 images ... each in it's own column/cell and would like my image to change based on a cell value.

    I'm trying a formula like where I'm parsing a value column and then getting the image from another cell. but it's just putting the image name in the report now and i really need the image.

    =IF([SubStatus_ScheduleValue]@row < 1, [Unchanged Image]@row, IF([SubStatus_ScheduleValue]@row > 1, [Declined Image]@row, IF([SubStatus_ScheduleValue]@row = 1, [Improved Image]@row)))

    Thanks for any help or direction on this issue.


  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Darryl_Joynt

    There currently isn't a way to display an image using a formula; the formula will display the image name, as you've found. You could use a formula to display a URL that then links to an image, if that helps.

    Please feel free to add your vote to this Product Idea: IMAGE to another Sheet by Join Collect