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Tracking of RYG Status changes

Dick Conradie
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

We have a fairly complex sheet that we use to track survey requests between us and one of our clients. One of the columns is a Status indicator using RYG balls. Both us and the client collaborate on the same sheet.


We use it as follows:

Green - Survey on track and continuing

Yellow - Issues on the survey that must be resolved before we can continue.

Red - Survey cancelled by the client.


We use a separate sheet "Issues" to track the specific issues on the yellow surveys, as we cannot capture everything on one sheet (The main sheet "Delivery Requests" has 55 columns in it already).


Today the client asked if we could provide a report on a week by week basis comparing the number of yellow statuses to see if there are progress on them. We do not capture the dates that an issue is resolved in this sheet, but in the "issues sheet", so there is no way to bring these together easily. The only way to see when a status change in the main sheet, is to get the history of the status of that specific survey and there are too many of these to do on a weekly basis.


Any suggestions?




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