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countifs with specific data set and dates

Kelli Lenz
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have a column with specific criteria (Sample type) and date column.  I have another formula that looks specifically for a "sample type" and specific "factory".  The formula I've used for this is: =COUNTIFS($Program$3:$Program$333, "Fall Tabletop / Decor", $[Sample Type]$3:$[Sample Type]$333, "DEVELOPMENT + ARTBOARD"). This results a total number.   Now I'm trying to use the same 1st half of the formula but count how many time dates have been entered in to another column (Sample Received).  =COUNTIFS($[Sample Type]$3:$[Sample Type]$333, "DEVELOPMENT + ARTBOARD", how do I count how many dates have been entered)


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Kelli—


    If you're looking to see if any date is in the cell, you might try a formula like this:


    =COUNTIFS($[Sample Type]$3:$[Sample Type]$333, "DEVELOPMENT + ARTBOARD", $[Sample Received]$3:$[Sample Received]$333, ISDATE(@cell))


    Otherwise, you can create criteria for a specific date with the DATE function:


    =COUNTIFS($[Sample Type]$3:$[Sample Type]$333, "DEVELOPMENT + ARTBOARD", $[Sample Received]$3:$[Sample Received]$333, DATE(yyyy, mm, dd))


    You'll want to enter a specific date in the parenthesis of the DATE function using that example format above.

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