Urgently in need of an response from Smartsheet

E Sa
E Sa
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I understand this is not a place to deal with indivisual cases, but as I cannot reach anyone in Smartsheet, I've decided to write here.

Thought I've been trying to contact Smartsheet since mid-November either through "Contuct us" on the website or directly with a sales representative, I haven't received any response yet.

And also, I called the support several times, but it always went to voice mail.

I really need to contact with the appropriate person in Smartsheet for in-house processing purpose.

I received the following two receipt numbers (case numbers) in response to my inquiries, so if someone in Smartsheet sees this comment, I would really appreciate your prompt reply to my inquiries.

Case number 1: 03643236

Case number 2: 03659691


Thank you.