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Non-working days are no longer greyed out - Bug?

Tanya Oram
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts




My smartsheets are no longer greying out the non working days for me, even though I have specified sat/sun are weekend (first image).

I have tried clearing formatting but it doesn't fix it.

My colleague sees the non-working days when he opens the same sheet.

I also can see them in the background when I click 'edit project settings' and get the dialogue box pop up (second image).


Is this a bug?






  • Benjamin Walker

    This is due to formatting on the entire row. If you select the effected rows, click the paint can dropdown, and select 'Automatic' it will clear the row background color.


    If you would like the non working day grey colorization I would suggest manually adding a background color while only having the cells (and not the row) selected that you would like to color or creating a conditional formatting rule that will color them for you.

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