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Admin Admin1
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Hi there,


We realized yesterday that the backups that are saved are only done on the weekends. We went in to stored backups and almost opened a file but we were afraid that if we opened the backup then it would override the work that had been done today and would erase all changes that had taken place since the last backup. Would this be the case or would it open it like a seperate file for viewing?


Also, our membership details 50 sheets per user. Does this count files in the delete folder? If you delete a sheet will it subtract that sheet from the 50 count?


thank you.


  • Heidi Decker
    Heidi Decker ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Admin Admin1,

    I don't have the answer for the first part of your question, however the part about the deleting a sheet... The deleted sheets DO NOT count againist your 50 sheets.

    Maybe someone else can answer the first part.


  • Benjamin Walker

    The backup is delivered as a zip file containing your sheet(s) as excel files and data (such as images and attachments). It will serve you an independent zip file each time you download. It is up to you whether or not you want to replace the previously downloaded zips. These backups are independent of the versions of the sheet(s) existing on Smartsheet.

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