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Dependencies help

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts


When I create dependencies , is it gonna change the status for me automatically?If not how to do it easliy?


NAME                          STATUS              

task a                             in process

task b                             in process

task c                        waiting(dependent)...TASK C is dependent on task B

task d                        to do  (no dependencies)

task e                        to do  (no dependencies)

When i'm done with task b, I will change the status to done.I want to have an automatic change in STATUS to  to do next for task C.


IF task b is done then task c STATUS changhes to:  to do next

This way I would know no to start more task and just work on to do next.


NAME                          STATUS              

task a                          in process

task b                             done

task c                           to do next 

task d                     to do  (no dependencies)

task e                     to do  (no dependencies)


thanks for your help.




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