Step by step for DocuSign integration

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Thanks to assistance from Andrée Stará, here's the cheat sheet I'll use for myself next time I need to implement filling a pdf with Smartsheet data and then routing it for signatures. I don't guarantee that every single step is identified here, but the basic process should work, and if not then please point out how to improve this.

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Configure document

  • Create in Word
  • Save to PDF
  • Log in to Docusign
  • Select Template on top row
  • For new template:
  • - Tap New and CreateTemplate in upper left
  • - Select AddDocumentsToTheEnvelope and upload the PDF created earlier
  • - Add the Smartsheet column name for at least one recipient at AddRecipientsToTheEnvelope
  • - Edit MessageToAllRecipients as needed
  • For existing template:
  • - Tap the Use down-arrow at right of desired document and select Edit from the dropdown
  • In either case, once Documents/Recipients/Message page has been completed:
  • - Tap Next in bottom right
  • For each field to display on the form:
  • - Drag one of the StandardFields from left panel, most commonly the Text field
  • - Ensure that the DataLabel value on right panel matches the Smartsheet column name you want to place there EXCEPT in the case of the Signature and Date fields leave the values assigned by DocuSign (with the long random names)
  • Once all fields are placed, expand the Location section on the right panel and ensure that all fields that should be aligned down a column have the same PixelsFromLeft value

Set up within Smartsheet

  • Open
  • LoginWithSmartsheet
  • AllowAccess
  • BuildNewWorkflow
  • Follow the prompts, using the Search field on dialog panel 2 to locate your Sheet
  • Map the tabs as shown

Run the process

  • Tap the Envelope icon on right end of desired Workflow
  • Follow the prompts
  • UNFORTUNATELY, there appears to be no way to filter results; it displays all rows on the sheet and they have to be manually or mass selected/deselected
  • You’ll be given the option to ReviewProcess
  • Tap RecipientPreview in upper right to confirm that it will blend and send as intended