How to deliver notifications by individual row after multiple row update

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Hello Community!

I would like to to have smartsheet deliver a single email notification or Microsoft Teams alert after a user updates multiple lines. Right now, I can update multiple lines on the sheet but only one email or notification is sent with the changes grouped together.

I want the individual lines that were updated sent as separate emails or notifications. The individual line alert also allows the use of the {{Column Name}} feature to be utilized in alerting the recipient of the exact task name that requires attention. When the large update email comes through the {{ }} does not function.

Single Alert Example:

Grouped alert example:

I believe the individual alerts can be accomplished by saving the sheet after each line is entered or changed, but the alert email sometimes still groups changes together.

I tired adding a check box that says 'alert the ATTN To' Contact and ran the alert run off that condition instead of an assigned to, but notifications still grouped together.




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    Hi Matt

    If multiple rows are changed when the sheet is saved within the timeframe of the selected frequency, then the workflow will run for every row that meets the trigger criteria. The recipients of this automation will receive a single notification with up to 100 rows in a grid format.

    The behavior you described (when using placeholders) doesn't seem to be expected. Based on this Help Center article, using the placeholders should result in separate alerts for each row. Please feel free to reach out to our Support team to troubleshoot this further. 

  • M_L
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    Hi Alejandra,

    Thank you for the reply.

    I am wondering if the placeholder solution is not working because the ATTN to is the same contact, and the alert is grouping per ATTN to?