Using forms to Establish a Parent/Child Row Relationship

Omair Haque
edited 01/03/20 in Smartsheet Basics


I'm trying to build out a sales pricing sheet that can be used by our sales team to enter a customers information and then the products that they'd like to purchase (with various different options). I'd want the interface for the sales person to be a form rather than a grid view to keep it simple and let various formulas and lookups drive different values.

What i have set up is the initial grid that has all possible questions, lookups, and formulas listed. I've also set up 2 forms but i need them to have a bit of interaction with one another. The first Form would be the customer information form. This is where the customer's name, address, contact info is entered. The next form would be for each product the customer is ordering. The form would re-open after every submission allowing the sales rep to add several products quickly, each iteration of the form would be a single product (of variable quantities).

What i want is to both forms to work together to set up a parent and children row relationships. The Customer form to set the parent record, and each iteration of the product form to be a child under that customer. This also needs to be a bit dynamic as we'd have a dozen or so sales reps (ideally) doing the same for different customers. I know smartsheet has a parent/child relationship function - but as far as i know this only works off the grid view and there isn't a way to automate this.

I'm just looking for suggestions to see if anyone has built out something like this in smartsheets before and if they can offer any suggestions on how to tackle this.