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System is extremely SLOW


What is going on the smarsheets are extremely slow today.


  • Worked fine for me today 

  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Check your broadband connection, nothing slow noted here but it can go slowly occasonally for no obvous reason. Rarely a problem though.  


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Hilda—If you experience performance issues in the application, I'd recommend double-checking our Status Page (http://status.smartsheet.com/) to see if there's an issue with the application.


    If you see that we're all green on the Status Page, then it's likely something more intricate, such as your network connection (including possible security blocking on your network interfering with Smartsheet) or you have specific sheets that are slow to load (due to size or advanced use).


    When you have performance issues on specific sheets and our Status Page is all green, then I'd recommend reaching out to Support@Smartsheet.com for further troubleshooting.


    Otherwise, you may need to work with your company's IT team to troubleshoot network issues.

  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You're not alone Hilda.  I'm suffering the same problem.  Not sure if I have too many sheets open or what, but it is noticeably slower.  Opening, or switching between sheets is visibly slower. 

    Internet connection, browser, and laptop processor loading are normal and the same I have been using all year.


    UPDATE:  I've closed all of my other sheets, and now I'm down to only two open sheets.  These are not my largest sheets either.  Yet still, the system is slow to load the page the first time, slow to load the "go to line" feature, and slow when transitioning from sheet to sheet.

    UPDATE 11/13:  Today it works fine, but then again Sunday is not the busiest day for server traffic.


    UPDATE 11/18:  Possible culprit

    I have observed that my sheets seem very slow lately.  This is more the case with large sheets.  I was wondering what could be the cause.  Then, as part of my work, I had to have two browsers open at once so I had Chrome and Firefox open, both viewing the same sheet but with different logins.

    Firefox has a lovely popup at the bottom that tells me when data is being transferred actively on the page.  What I observed is that one of these ‘data transfer pop-ups’ was consistently longer than the others:


    Transferring data from talkgadget.google.com


    This little widget, gadget, whatever is consistenly taking between 4-5+ seconds every time I do a refresh on my page.  This is for my largest sheet, which has 1200 columns.  And while this is transferring my data the sheet is frozen.  Not sure if this critter is part of the problem, but it sure makes for slow sheet avaliability at sheet load.


    I uninstalled google talk from my pc, and from my Firefox browser, then restarted, but sadly the same condition persists.  Loading the sheet lands me with 5+sec of waiting while the system is transferring data.

  • OAP
    edited 07/24/17

    Smartsheet is VERY SLOW - Especially if you use Formulas - we had a sheet built for us using several Paid For design desk sessions by Smartsheet and when we tried to use it the sheet ground to a halt

    We were told that it was a Browser issue - too many formulas for the browser

    Rebuilt it in Google Sheets and no issues - works very smoothly so the issue appears to be with Smartsheet

    BTW they have refused to refund the design desk sessions used to have the sheet built

    Hundreds of $$$ down the drain 


    It also appears to be slow periodically on different computers with different browsers


    - we never experience those issues with other software especially sheet systems like Excel and Google Sheets


    - seems like there is some kind of known issue with smartsheet that they dont want to talk about??


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