Formula in % Allocation Column?

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Formula in % Allocation Column?

I am certain this has been asked either currently or in the past, but is the capability to include a formula in the % Allocation column on the product roadmap? Right now, I have a column entitled "% Alloc Calc" next to the "% Allocation" column to calculate the % Allocation for my users. The users must ensure that both values are the same. I even have a validation and conditional formatting to indicate with the two values are not the same. Would be much easier for me and my users if I could just enter the formula directly into the % Allocation column and lock it down.

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  • Hi, @Alejandra! I already submitted a Product Enhancement Request, but also wanted to post this question to the community to see if anyone was doing something else to solve this. Thanks!

  • As a temporary solution, I also have a helper column(s) that contains formula(s), then I use conditional formatting to highlight the fields that are not yet correct.

    This is still too much "work" for managers.. I guess they don't really want to have to manage the projects.

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