Formula in % Allocation Column?

Formula in % Allocation Column?

I am certain this has been asked either currently or in the past, but is the capability to include a formula in the % Allocation column on the product roadmap? Right now, I have a column entitled "% Alloc Calc" next to the "% Allocation" column to calculate the % Allocation for my users. The users must ensure that both values are the same. I even have a validation and conditional formatting to indicate with the two values are not the same. Would be much easier for me and my users if I could just enter the formula directly into the % Allocation column and lock it down.

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  • Hi, @Alejandra! I already submitted a Product Enhancement Request, but also wanted to post this question to the community to see if anyone was doing something else to solve this. Thanks!

  • As a temporary solution, I also have a helper column(s) that contains formula(s), then I use conditional formatting to highlight the fields that are not yet correct.

    This is still too much "work" for managers.. I guess they don't really want to have to manage the projects.

  • @Guy Behanna @Ezra I'm interested in hearing your use cases for this, and will provide some updates.

    Please feel free to reach out to me and we can set up a few moments to chat.

    [email protected]

    Thank you so much!

    @Kara Lumley

  • @Kara Lumley - thanks for offering to discuss this use case. My schedule is relatively flexible right now, so please let me know when you have time to chat. Also, let's invite others you know who may be trying to solve the same problem.

    Looking forward to it!



  • Dominique WINTHERDominique WINTHER ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Kara Lumley I just want to chime in on the use cases here. I am in a professional services company and we charge by the hour. Therefore, we calculate everything in hours. So I have a column where I place the number of hours we would allocate to the task and I want the % Allocation to update based on the number of days we've put for duration. No one can calculate that a 5 hour task would actually be a 16% allocation over 4 days. So I cannot use the resource management function unless the % Allocation is entered correctly. That percentage is not useful to the teams - they want to know the number of hours they have to complete the task.

    This is why it would be very useful to have a formula in the % Allocation column - then we could just have the teams enter the hours and the % Allocation would update automatically.



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