Multi-select fields via the jira connector, status on this being released?

Back in December I had a meeting with the Pro Desk, and one of the items we talked about was the multi-select mapping with Jira Multi-select fields via Jira Connector.

I was informed that the Product and Dev Team where working on support this as the new column type was released back in October 2019.

Can you please supply an update to this, as this is a key element we need to be working.

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  • Hey @Nathan Lloyd,

    Thank you for getting back to me on this... So please correct me if my understanding is incorrect:

    Based on what you are saying we should be able to pull the multi-select fields from our Jira tickets into Smartsheet and then sort / display based on what element or elements are within the multi-select field?

    For Example: If we have a multi-select field labeled test and within it we have:

    Test 1, Test 2, Test 3

    And say that Test 2 and Test 3 are selected...

    Is my understanding correctly that the connector can pull that information in and allow us to sort and say we have # of Test 2s and # Test 3s and # Test 1s.



  • Hey @Nathan Lloyd ,

    We only want to write to Smartsheets from Jira for this... So GREAT! Now I just have to create the mapping. New at this so we'll see how that goes.



  • Hi @Nathan Lloyd,

    New question when it comes to Multi-Select columns. I want to build a report that uses the Multi-Select column. I need to pull all the Jira tickets that has Test1 within the Multi-select column.

    Below you see where I build a report and selected the AK-OCCIDENTAL-HO, however it's only returning the ones that only have AK-OCCIDENTAL-HO by itself. I need it to return all the fields that have AK-OCCIDENTAL-HO in it. The second image shows you there are move AK-OCCIDENTAL-HO but it's not pulling those into the report.

    What am I doing wrong?