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Countif rows meets multiple criteria

Melanie Kourbage
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I'm new to Smartsheet, and I'm trying to count the number of incomplete tasks by SME area within a task list. How do I write COUNTIF formula that will count a row IF the Status column does not equal Complete AND the Area column equals Vocab?


The ultimate goal is to depict on a Sight the number of incomplete (i.e., active) PM, Vocab, and Tech tasks across all project sheets. At present, my strategy is to create totals at the top of each project sheet, link them to a summary sheet to aggregate all totals aross projects, then create a widget of the highest-level info in the summary sheet for the Sight.  Which seems like more steps than it should be.


Any advice, shortcuts, etc., that people can suggest would be appreciated.





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