missing image links in alert someone automation email



We are receiving these emails in outlook 365 with 3 issues see the screen shot below:

  1. This seems to be a link to the smartsheet that triggered the automation. Not having the image display looks poor and I do not want the link to the smartsheet on the email (I noticed that the request an approval automation emails don't have this link. How do I remove this link or get the proper image to show?
  2. This time the hyperlink is there to the smartsheet, still missing the image. The link takes the receiptant to the top of the smartsheet, not the row that changed. This is confusing to the user. How do I remove it or get it to link to the updated row in the smartsheet?
  3. Seems like for consistency among the automation emails, there should be a View Request button. Again the email from the request an approval has this useful button, but this email does not. How can I add the email?

Thank you.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Regork

    For 1 & 2:

    It looks like your Outlook is blocking images (look at the little "i" underneath the Smartsheet Automation circle icon). To retrieve these images you will need to adjust your Outlook settings when receiving emails from automation@smartsheet.com.

    For 3, this is expected behaviour:

    Based on the screen capture, it looks like this is a notification workflow, to provide you with information when something in the sheet changes. This means that there is no action required and no "request" asked of the person receiving the email which is why there is no "View Request" button. Instead there is the general link to the sheet (which you noted in point 2).

    If you want to make it easier for a user to identify the changes made since they last viewed the sheet, you may want to look at turning on Highlight Changes.(See the Help Center article here).

    Let me know if I can help clarify anything further!



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