Combine Multiple Form Fields into one column

We are using a form to enter new customer information into a smartsheet file. Our key is a formula setup with multiple columns combined to create the unique key, since some of our customers work for the same company out of the same office location and we need to be able to search by all.

Is there anyway to combine in the form for they key under default value the formula so we do not have to manually update the key ourselves and let Smartsheet do it automatically? Or is there any other way?


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    Not sure I follow!

    You maybe could use formula autofill, so the formula is added to the rows when the form is submitted.

    If the formula structure is the same above/below the Formula Autofill will add the formula(s) automatically.

    Conditions That Trigger Formula Autofill

    You’ll see formulas populate automatically when you type in a newly inserted or blank row that is:

    • Directly between two others that contain the same formula in adjacent cells.
    • At the topmost of the sheet if it’s above two rows that have the same formula in adjacent cells. (This includes rows inserted from a form.)
    • At the bottommost of the sheet if it’s below two rows that have the same formula in adjacent cells. (This includes rows inserted from a form.)
    • Above or below a single row that is between blank rows and has formulas.

    More info: 

    Would that work?

    I hope that helps!

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  • Example:

    The three "Part Key" columns concatenated create the unique "Tip Trick ID" key in the primary column.

    Put a formula in the Primary column like: =[Part Key 1]@row + [Part Key 2]@row + [Part Key 3]

    I added a check for duplicate key in the "Unique ID Check" column that shows a red flag if not unique.

    =IF(COUNTIF([Tip Trick ID]:[Tip Trick ID], [Tip Trick ID]@row) > 1, 1, 0)

    And an option is to create a unique key using : Column type Auto-Number/System; Auto Number; with format TT000. See "Row ID" column. That value can be concatenated with the other info to.