Multiple IF/AND Statements


Hoping someone can assist me with a formula. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to figure it out on my own and can't seem to get it.

I have multiple criteria to determine the value of a field. The field values would be Ops, G1, NG2, G2, and Full depending on various criteria. Here is the logical expression:

If [Tshirt]= "Small" and [PM] = No, then "Ops"

If [Tshirt]= "Small" and [PM] = Yes, then "G1"

If [Tshirt]= "Med" and [Impacted] = 1, then "NG2" *note [Impacted] is a multiple selection field and I simply want to know if more than 1 value has been selected

If [Tshirt]= "Med" and [Impacted] > 1 then "G2"

If [Tshirt]= "Large" then "Full"

Any help is greatly appreciated



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