How do I count how many cells are last month but not considered expired?


I am working on a sheet for currency of qualifications for our employees. I have the equations that will tell me how many employees are a month before they are due, how many are due this month, and how many are in the past but now I have to find and equation that will let me count how many qualification are only one month past due.

I have tried reversing my expires next month formula but it counts all past due dates not just the one month past.


Also the way I am able to count expired qualifications was by creating a checkbox column next to the qualification column and using equation


and then in the summary sheet using

=COUNTIF([medical expired]:[medical expired], 1)

So how can I change those to exclude one month past due.

for example if it is Feb I want to be able to count how many were due in Jan only, then separately count how many were Dec and beyond in the past.

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