How can I print my full chart from my dashboard.

HELP!! I am having issues attempting to print several charts from my dashboard. They are fairly large charts and I would be fine if they were on multiple pages. However, when I attempt to print them, I am only getting portions of the charts. And the very first chart is for some reason adding a huge space between the top of the page/title and the chart data (see attached image). We need to present these as hard copies because the presentation area is in a room that electronics (wifi, bluetooth, etc) are not allowed. I have tried adjusting the margins, changing the orientation, changing the number of sheets per page, different paper sizes, changing the specific pages to prints and more... I am kind of down to the wire on this, if anyone has a suggestion I am all ears!!

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    Thank you Paul! I found a little bit better of a workaround. If you create separate dashboards for each chart you can get them to print on 11x17 paper in their entirety. Although, it would still be ideal to be able to print to PDF and this doesn't solve that problem. So, not the best answer but it will work for now. If anyone has a better solution I would love to hear it! 😀