A few questions..

  1. When in Dynamic View and data is entered through a form, the filters I had set up get greyed out and disappear (i.e. I am filtering by JOB# and JOB NAME). This is not the case in my normal sheet however. The same data from the form entry is inputted into each sheet/view but those two filters become unavailable in Dynamic View. Why? How do I fix this?
  2. In this same sheet, I have a "Created by" System-generated column that is set up to generate the email of the individual who submits a form. However, every time a person submits a form the column generates "web-form@smartsheet.com. It does not generate the actual email of the person submitting the form. Why is this and how do I fix this?
  3. People can still edit line items based on their form entries in Dynamic View even after they click a button that is supposed to lock the row. The row gets locked in the normal sheet but not in the Dynamic View. Why?
  4. How can I set it up so that people can only edit line items based on their form entries in Dynamic View only if the admin unlocks the row for them? And they are only able to edit existing line items and unable to add new entries?
  5. Can I set it up so that when a form is submitted it populates under a specific line item in the sheet? (Kind of like group them based on common values across rows).

I have explored all the settings in Smartsheet and Dynamic View. If I am missing something or something is not possible please let me know.


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  • Sidonia Posteuca

    Thank you for the response!

  • Sidonia Posteuca

    This is what I was referring to with my filters question:

  • Sidonia Posteuca

    Also, the Date structure in Dynamic View is Year/Month/Day. How do I change that?

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
    edited 02/26/20

    Hi @Sidonia Posteuca

    For your first question, it looks like these filters were set up and then your Settings for the view were changed - is that possible? I get the same error message if I remove those fields (in your case the JOB NAME and JOB # fields) from the Visible Fields option in the View settings. (This is under the View Display tab). Filters can only be based off of the content that is displayed in the view.

    To test this, click on the filter. In the pop-up window for the filter, you should have more details for what the error is (the red exclamation mark).

    In regards to dates, currently there's no way to adjust the date format within the View (you can change how the date looks in the source sheet instead, see here: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2479481).

    Dynamic View uses our Smartsheet API so the dates will be written in Year/Month/Day. (Our API Documents can be found here, but they're not really relevant other than explaining how dates are displayed.)

    Hope this helps!