Using Microsoft Forms with Attachments, MS Power Automate

I am using MS Forms with Attachments and MS Power Automate to create new rows in a sheet. Is there a way to create an attachment in Smartsheet from the attachment in the MS Form?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @cthrasher97141

    It looks like you've already discussed this with our Support team.

    For other who want to know, it appears this is dependent upon whether or not MS incorporated that feature into the code for the Power Automate MS Flow app you're utilizing. On my personal tests, I cannot see a way to do this.

    Our API does support attachment upload (see here), but you'll need to confirm with MS to determine if Power Automate includes the feature.



  • I realized that I just posted what is essentially a duplicate request:

    @Genevieve P having developed a Power Automate connector for another company, you misunderstand how they work by putting the responsibility on MSFT. Each vendor builds their own connector -- based on a subset of the vendor's REST API -- and asks MSFT to publish it. MSFT only vets that the connector satisfies their requirements. MSFT does not build the connectors themselves nor determines which REST calls will be supported.

    The connectors are simply wrappers around REST calls. If a connector (or action or trigger in a connector) is not working, 99% of the time the problem is with the underlying REST API or the connector was built in a faulty way.

    @Genevieve P Can you let the development know about the shortcoming and ask them to update the connector and then go through the publishing process with MSFT to get the updated connector published.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for going into detail about this! I see from your other post that you have submitted an Enhancement Request which goes directly to our Product & development team, so they'll receive your request and will most definitely understand it a lot better than I seem to have.