Non-working day shading in Gantt not consistent

When I select Gantt view some of my child tasks have work day and non-work day shading. Non-workdays are light grey and work days are White. This occurs randomly on the sheet. Several child rows have no formatting and some have the grey/white formatting. Why do some have it and others do not. I cannot find a setting for this. See the attached image. Lines 74-77 have the grey/white grid but lines 71-73 do not. Can't figure out why.



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  • BJ Patnode
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    The Smartsheet Support Team helped. Turns out that there was row level formatting applied to the "entire row" on random rows that indicated the background color should be "white". Background color for the "entire row" must be "Automatic" for the non-working shading to show up. You can adjust background color for individual columns but if it is set for the "entire row" you will have this problem. Hope this helps others in the future.