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Salesforce and Smartsheet Integration

Hi Everyone -


Have any of you used the new Salesforce/Smartsheet integration with project plans?  I see and understand how it can push and pull data as reports between the systems, but I need to figure out how to take a cell in Smartsheet (Due Date or Date Completed for instance) and map that specific cell to a specific field in a specific opportunity in Salesforce.  There isn't a lot of documentation in Smartsheet, and I'm stumped.  It looks like you can only map the Salesforce data to entire columns in Smartsheet, not individual cells.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!


  • Jessica,


    If you haven't yet found the Help Article it is here: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2476131-salesforce-workflows



    If you are looking to only sync certain rows in sheets or projects I would recommend reading up on the "Filters" configuration where you can define what items from Salesforce & Smartsheet you would like to sync within a sheet after you have configured your Workflow Settings & Fields.


    As an example, if you only want to sync records for specific rows in a Sheet you could could create a new column of Type: Checkbox Name: "Sync". You could apply a Check to the rows with the data you would like to sync in your sheet.




    If you're still lost I'd recommend a call into Smartsheet Support!



  • Hi Jessica,


    Firstly, yes the Smartsheet for Salesforce integration does primarily map fields in Salesforce (standard or custom) to columns in Smartsheet. However, a combination of field/column mapping and filters may be able to help you accomplish what you want.


    In any event, I'd love to understand more about what you're trying to do. If you could send us a screenshot of your sheet and what you're trying to use and describe what objects and fields you have in Salesforce and how you want those to map to the sheet that would be very helpful. If you can post here, great. If you want to handle this via email, feel free to email this information to [email protected] and ask them to forward the information to me.


    Scott Willeke | Smartsheet
    Sr. Product Manager, Strategic Integrations
    [email protected]


  • Hi Scott - thank you for the offer.  I actually had just submitted my response to your support team - the case number is 02337979,





  • Hi Everyone,

    After I made the integration between Salesforce and Smartsheet for my project plan that is already build with information from Salesforce report (copy ~ paste),  the new data from Salesforce, after sync, was add it into the Smartsheet file in the end of the page ignoring the data that is registered already.

    Any of you made the sync with the data that was already build in Smartsheet?


  • Hi Nicoleta,

    Generally speaking the Salesforce Connector Integration is designed to be used where you let it bring the rows into the sheet from Salesforce rather than copying and pasting them first. Technically, it is possible to change the Salesforce ID (or Opportunity ID, or Task ID, etc.) column values to use a specific hyperlink format that will be recognized as the appropriate rows to sync with the integration, but if you can avoid that and let the connector bring those rows in the first time that is easiest.

    If you need help on exactly how to format the cell values/links, contact our support team and they can clarify.


    Scott Willeke | Smartsheet

    Senior Product Manager, Automation

    E: [email protected]


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