Auto-number function- broken


So I had functionality, where every time a new record was added (via a MS form) an project ID would be generated. The format is "IR- 0000" where the IR- was constant and the 0000 was a sequence #. (I would want it to start at seq # 0046)

I cannot remember if I had used the auto-number column type or a formula. I am the owner of the smartsheet, when I go to use the column function, the Auto-number option is grayed out and will not let me select it.

I also wonder if I did it by a formula that just got lost after some many rows was added. I seem to remember someone saying the formula would carry over if the immediate next two rows had the formula. I looked over previous cells but didn't see a formula that made sense.

Can someone assist in finding the best way to have the Project ID auto-generated again?


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